07/02/2024 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Why don’t I like myself?

We all have an internal representation of ourselves. This representation lets us know where our place is in society, what is acceptable to us, what our limitations are and if we are deserving of love. People who are happy and enjoying life have a good internal representation of themselves but people with low self esteem have a bad one.

This internal representation is formed in childhood and it follows us into adulthood. If we experience trauma or bought up around abusive or critical parents our perceptions of ourselves will be negatively altered by them. As adults we may recognise these  beliefs to be wrong but however hard we try, we just cannot rid ourselves of them.

This internal representation resides within the subconscious mind and is very difficult to access and change consciously. Any contrary good suggestions are rejected by the subconscious as they clash with the existing negative beliefs. This is why talking therapies like counselling, psychotherapy and CBT don’t always get desired results.

Hypnosis allows you to work within the subconscious mind so it’s much more effective for working with unhelpful beliefs and bad habits.

If you recognise that you feel unworthy of happiness, are self sabotaging, phobic, unable to stop harmful habits or at a point where talking therapy isn’t moving you forward maybe it’s time to look at hypnotherapy?

If you want to ask questions please feel free to call me on 07899886882 or send me an email from the contact page.

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