01/10/2016 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Are some things best forgotten?

Some things are best forgotton?

There is a saying that “some things are best forgotten” which on occasion can be good advise to take. The only problem is that ‘something’ may be put aside and ‘consciously’ forgotten but it certainly won’t be forgotten ‘subconsciously’. It will be filed away as noteworthy because the subconscious mind remembers ‘every’ event that has a high emotional charge.

This is why when we look back on our lives we can’t remember the mundane stuff, just the parts that made us either very happy, sad, angry, guilty or shameful.
Our subconscious mind contains a vast filing system of noteworthy moments which we draw on to make decisions. When we are making a decision today the highest emotionally charged moment in our past experiences always takes priority. Take the fear of flying for example. Most people with them flew a few times with no problems what so ever until that one bumpy flight which now completely dominates their mind when it’s holiday time.
So if a negative ‘something’ is filed away it will definitely contain an emotional charge. When that file is opened in the future the associated emotion will come forward feeling just as real as it did when it originally happened. When a remembered event causes the emotion to come through we call it a traumatic event. Now a traumatic event needn’t be a train wreck, it can be something seemingly insignificant to the conscious mind.
These traumatic events can span years, going right back to early childhood. Sometimes these original events are hidden to the conscious mind because they are deemed to upsetting to remember. If a file is opened containing an uncomfortable hidden event the feeling will come forward for no apparent reason. Have you ever had an uncomfortable feeling come out of the blue? If you have you will know what I mean.
When people come to see me they come with emotional issues. Hypnosis is the medium through which these issues can be resolved because through it you can’t communicate directly with the subconscious mind. It enables the cause of the issue to be located and reprocessed. This reprocessing takes away the ‘emotional charge’ that was attached to the event.
Unfortunately Hypnosis is misunderstood by many people because their first experiences of it are by watching it on TV or on the stage. They either associate hypnotists as having very scary Svengali mind control powers or as fraudulent entertainers, orchestrating a group of actors to do crazy things. These are big misconceptions of course, just ask anyone who has had hypnotherapy before and they will tell you the opposite is in fact true.
So if that ‘something’ that is best forgotten keeps coming back to bite you and you’ve tried running from it, hiding from it, swallowing it, distracting yourself from it and nothing seems to work why not give hypnotherapy a try?

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