How to Get Over The Start Line (Paperback)


Anyone suffering from a mental health problem will probably have very little or no idea what is going on within their mind. Their feelings and behaviours may seem irrational, out of place and leave them feeling out of control. If you are trying to help a family friend suffering from an anxiety causing problem you will probably be just as confused as the sufferer. This little book explains why people behave in the way that they do. It also gives some ideas on how to approach mental health issues and enable you to begin your healing journey. The book also touches on the minds influence on the body and how it maintains chronic pain and illness.

I have been helping people for over a decade now with a multitude of mental health problem’s including anxiety, phobias, fears, PTSD, OCD, IBS and childhood trauma resolution. Included in this book is lots of the information I use to explain mental health issues and how to approach resolving them. If you want some insight into my approach to anxiety causing issues it’s in this book!

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