For visual people

This technique as the name suggests is suited to people with a visual preference. If you think of a past experience and big picture or movie starts to play in your head making you feel worse use the picture changing technique. It works by breaking the emotional link to the picture so when you have finished the technique your mind will not link the picture with the bad feeling. This NLP technique is very powerful and evokes trance states when done with imagination and focus.

The Picture Changing Technique.

1. Get the picture or movie up in your head and let the emotion attached to it come forward.

2. Disassociate yourself from the picture by squashing it into a TV.  Now you should be watching yourself in that same situation on the TV screen.

3. Imagine that you are holding a TV controller, freeze the picture, turn off the sound if there is any and turn the picture to black and white like an old faded photo.

4. Using your hands push the TV set away from you so it disappears way off in the distance and say “I’m not watching that crap any more!”

5. Think of a pink elephant on a bike.

6. Now try to bring back the bad picture. You will notice that it has changed and you will also notice that you don’t feel the same way emotionally.

7. If there is a picture left continue spoiling the image by making it smaller, moving its location and blacking out the screen before going back to step 4 and pushing it away. This will weaken it further.

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