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My name is Alex Evans and I am  the hypnotherapist in Norwich Hypnotherapy Services. I am also the author of How To Get Over The Start Line, a book on how to approach anxiety causing mental health problems. I have been married for over 25 years and have 3 grown children. I worked for much of my life in my families retail business but decided in my 40’s I’d like to end my working career helping people. I never for once though I’d end up as a hypnotherapist but as we all know life can take some surprising twists and turns.

My career in therapy started with a person centred counselling course in Norwich. I enjoyed the course and met some wonderful people but counselling wasn’t right for me. I have much respect for the work that counsellors do in trying to help people make sense of life.

I came across a book on Neuro Linguistic Programming in Norwich bookshop written by Dr Richard Bandler. It used a more direct approach to therapy so I booked myself onto a Neuro Linguistic Programming course in Norwich and left with a Practitioners Certificate. While on the NLP course I realized the advantages of using hypnosis for therapy so I eagerly booked onto a National Hypnotherapy Society recognized Diploma course in hypnotherapy and counselling for a year.

During this time I also qualified as a Professional Registered Hypnotist at the Academy of Hypnotic Arts learning rapid induction hypnosis techniques, past Life Regression and Hypnotic symbolism.

I have learned many different versions of therapy including the very attractive  ‘instant fix’ techniques that promised miracles in the past. I have found them to have limited success and concluded the only way to truly heal people in the long-term is to find the causes of their problems and limiting beliefs. Once found past events (trauma’s) that causes them to suffer or make poor decisions can be intellectualised and processed.

I use many therapeutic techniques including counselling and analytical hypnotherapy to produce long-term, permanent change in my clients.

Alex Evans R.Hyp, Hyp.Dip with Counselling Skills, NLP Pract

I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR)

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