About your hypnotherapist

My name is Alex Evans and I am your hypnotherapist at Norwich Hypnotherapy Services. I have been married for over 24 years and have 3 children. I worked for much of my life in my families retail business but decided in my 40’s I’d like to end my working career helping people. I never for once though I’d end up as a hypnotherapist but as we all know life can take some surprising twists and turns.

My career in therapy started with a counseling course in Norwich. It was insightful but personally I found it slow and not particularly helpful. I dreaded the personal counseling sessions that we had to partake in and the confused states I was left in. I quickly realised there was little advantage in the continual talking about negative life events.

I came across a book on Neuro Linguistic Programming in Norwich bookshop written by Dr Richard Bandler. It promised faster, permanent change for anxiety sufferers so I booked myself onto a Neuro Linguistic Programming course in Norwich and left with a Practitioners Certificate. While on the NLP course I realized how important Hypnosis was for therapy so I booked onto a National Hypnotherapy Society recognized Diploma course in hypnotherapy for a year.

During this time I also qualified as a Professional Registered Hypnotist at the Academy of Hypnotic Arts learning rapid induction hypnosis techniques, past Life Regression and Hypnotic symbolism.
I have been taught many ‘instant fix’ techniques over the years that promised miracles, but I have found they have limited success. The only way to truly heal people in the long-term is to find the causes of their problems and help them to reprocess and intellectualized them. I use many therapeutic techniques including analytical hypnotherapy to produce long-term, permanent change in my clients.

Alex Evans R.Hyp, Hyp.Dip with Counselling Skills, NLP Pract

I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR)