Some Client References

Here are some testimonials from ex-clients who have used hypnotherapy to change their lives. I have not used their real names because to do so would break my policy of confidentiality.

Like many people dealing with anxiety and low self-esteem, I had limited success with the usual methods available for improving my mental well-being. My son had been helped by Alex so encouraged me to contact him after describing how effective just one session had been for him. Any misconceptions surrounding hypnotherapy were immediately dispelled and Alex’s friendly, relaxed manner put me at ease from the start. I looked forward to each session and the opportunity to discuss my progress with him, without feeling rushed. The aim is to have 1 session a week to keep up the momentum and often just a few sessions will achieve the desired results. I learnt that the subconscious mind plays a much more significant role in our mental health than I could ever imagine – realisations came from surprising sources. Subsequent processing and a desire to move forward from them evolved naturally. I felt that I was in complete control during the entire process, with Alex guiding me gently towards the deeper recesses of my subconscious. He asked at the start if there was anything I didn’t want to discuss so there is no pressure to revisit any sensitive experience you are not comfortable talking about. He later explained that the source of a problem is likely to emerge naturally during the process of hypnosis anyway which was very reassuring as I was determined to free myself from the negative feelings that were manifesting in many aspects of my life. After just 4 sessions, I saw significant changes in my outlook and a feeling of serenity emerged as a welcome release. A few days since my final session, I’m still in the early days of thought readjustment but first signs are looking very promising. Anxious feelings still appear but I’m now able to stop them escalating, tapping into my conscious brain to find a rational and pragmatic way forward. Anyone fortunate enough to have been helped by Alex will appreciate the power of his non-judgemental approach delivered with warmth, compassion and a genuine desire to make a difference to people’s lives.

I just wanted to let you know I’ve got my sparkle back. Thank you. I find it easier to laugh, I’ve gone head on into difficult situations with a refreshing WTF attitude. I feel creative, optimistic and in a much better position to manage the hurdles ahead. All I can say is thank you, truly  thank you.

“Alex was able to help me release myself from a cluster of behaviours and habits which had bothered me for decades. He was generous with his time which allowed the freedom to explore my issues and get to their core in a very comfortable environment.
The process of hypnotherapy was enlightening and expowering. The sessions have had a radical impact, not only in terms of enabling me to eradicate certain behaviours but on how I understand myself. It’s incredible how quickly these shifts happened. I think you just need to be open to the therapy and trust that Alex will guide you. Like an experienced sherpa, Alex is on the precipice with you – he may even help ease some of the baggage – but overcoming the mountain in ultimately in your control, and feels like a personal feat. All that said, without Alex, I wouldn’t have even seen the mountain in the first place”

“Alex has a thorough understanding of the human psyche and a genuine desire to pass onto clients tools with which to make positive and effective change in their lives. I found Alex to be a no nonsense but deeply compassionate and professional therapist. He never let me leave the therapy space without me fully processing whatever had emerged in the session. This meant sometimes having ‘ well over and above the call of duty’ time and care given to me. I cannot thank Alex enough for this gift. I have spent several years in talking therapy but it is only after a few sessions with Alex that I have begun to make real and lasting change in my life. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone who genuinely wants to release themselves from past negative patterns especially those who feel they are beyond help”
Claire. *

Just a quick update to say things are well with me – I’ve had a good period since last seeing you. I’m still listening every few days to your IBS MP3s. Thanks again for the sessions you did with me – I definitely feel different in a positive way (but difficult to explain) and the main IBS symptoms I had when I first contacted you have gone – so a very positive outcome! I gave your details to a work colleague recently and will continue to recommend you to others”
M. *

The hypnotherapy was a real revelation for me. I see myself differently and blame both myself and others less. Letting go has become much easier. I was really apprehensive at first but I feel I ‘know myself’ better. Your friendly conversational approach helped me to relax, I felt valued, not a ‘subject’ as I did with counselors. I have, as you know, recommended you and will continue to do so.Thanks Alex!
Great to hear from you. I actually made some very positive steps after our sessions, though I have to admit I wasn’t quite ready to quit smoking. I definitely need to change my habits in that regard – including drinking a little too much – but in terms of not thinking too negatively about situations I have certainly made great progress. The sessions I had with you were absolutely fantastic and really did help me through a rough period and are helping me deal with other situations as they arise.

I would like to say thank you as I am definitely better than I used to be. I’m not where I want to be but I’m further than I used to be so I did find your sessions helpful and will continue to put the certain techniques into my daily life.

I have had major changes since my hypnotherapy sessions. It has helped me cope mentally with all the drama in my life, I am quite proud of myself. Saying that, it has not been easy. I do not know if it was the hypnotherapy that has helped me or just the fact that I had someone to “spill the beans to”. But whatever, it has helped me.

Hi Alex, wonderful to hear from you. So much has happened to me since last we met. I have made great progress with my eating since our sessions. Smaller portions, less snacking etc I don’t know if it has made any difference to my weight but I feel so much more settled and at ease within that I would definitely say my time with you was more than well spent.

I am e-mailing as I said I would about the consultations I had with you and the huge positive effect and impact it’s had on me. Firstly I found you very easy to relate to and felt comfortable in your company which helped. The sessions I had has really allowed me to leave the old me I didn’t always want to be behind, and now feel so much more positive, happy and relaxed! Where I used to get angry, short tempered, stroppy with little patience with sometimes stupid things, now those things don’t bother me and I put everything in perspective and do ‘chores’ when I want to and don’t if I don’t feel like it. Simples! But to summarize I was skeptical initially about hypnotherapy probably like many, but with my experience I can’t recommend you enough and would suggest anyone to give hypnotherapy a try.

You have had a positive impact on my confidence with hypnotherapy I can now talk to people without fear. Thank you Alex.

I went for two sessions with Alex and I am very satisfied with the outcome. During hypnosis Alex guided me to the root cause of a long standing issue and then cleared it. The whole experience was exceptionally effective while also being pleasant and relaxing. In a nutshell, I’m glad I went”

I came away from a session with Alex feeling as though a mental splinter had been removed. One that I didn’t fully realize was there. Resolution that has removed nagging doubt in decisions I make and a confidence that has depth and security. I was unsure before committing to the session how much or if it would have a desired outcome. It did and continues to do so.

We used Alex to help our daughter straighten out her thoughts during a stressful Yr10/11 GCSE time at high school. Alex was great at building a professional relationship that created trust to move her forward, helping her understand anxiety. Alex also supported her via phone calls and ‘out of hours’ counseling which we are very grateful for. I would have no hesitation recommending Alex.”

I visited Alex for an IBS problem that was affecting my life. I’ve spent the last month or so reducing the dose of the pills I had been taking and finished completely last weekend. It seems to be going well and I am much better able to cope with my IBS. I still get it s bit when I eat but I think that is actually food related, but I’m not really getting any anxiety driven symptoms which is really good. I’m getting a few withdrawal symptoms from the pills but that is normal apparently and nothing very bad anyway (little bit of dizziness, like the day after the night before, lol) and hopefully that will go soon too.
My wife has notices that I’m being more inclined to say yes to things rather than worrying about whether I can do it with my stomach problems.
I enjoyed the sessions, and to be honest I wasn’t sure that I would. Being a typical English man I’m not all that comfortable talking about personal things but I found you to be receptive and not pushy which great, thank you was.
I’ll definitely keep you in mind for the future and would be happy to recommend you to anyone I feel would benefit from your service.
Thanks again for all your help.

I visited Alex in order to cure a long-standing issue with anxiety and panic attacks. I knew that I was not seriously mentally ill but that my negative thought patterns, or internal dialogue, had caused me to lose job after job. I did not want to keep increasing medication levels, either, which only takes away the feelings anyway. I had previously tried CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) but had found only limited success, partly because it deals purely with the conscious, rational mind and I had no patience for writing thought records. I knew my problems lay deeper than that and that I had to invest something into my wellbeing.
Alex used a variety of techniques on me, some working better than others, to really get to grips with a string of bad memories and experiences. It sounds so simple, yet he managed to change my thoughts around, replacing a lot of that negative thinking about myself. One exercise required me destroying bad memories and another running through them like a fast-playing movie.
Being a language teacher, I was interested in Alex’s use of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). The choice of words we use can have a big impact on how we perceive things. In one valuable lesson I came to realise that I frequently spoke about myself with low lying degrees of certainty – e.g. using ‘might’, ‘should’ – rather than being more definite – e.g. using ‘will, can’. I also came to realise that most of my problems stem from issues of self-perception. Thoughts, however strong, can be very deceptive. They are not always truths. The mind can play tricks and this is another aspect which has undergone a minor revolution. I notice now when I am thinking negatively and change it, and my outlook, for the better.
I was sceptical at first about hypnotherapy, taking a while to trust Alex, but he made me very comfortable and was reassuring, which extended to after session chats and follow-up emails. He has a fantastic ‘bedside manner’. It took four sessions, as there was no quick fix for my anxiety and it still requires effort on my part to put what I have learned into good practice. I found it better to disclose information rather than hide it. The reason is that Alex will not judge you, but he does need something meaningful to work with. It is no good holding back, so a high amount of personal honesty is also recommended.
Hypnotherapy was not as mystical as I imagined. It is not like the entertaining spectacle of stage hypnotism. It is actually quite subtle; you are always in control and are fully aware of your surroundings. I would not hesitate to recommend it to others or to point them in Alex’s direction.

Due to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, difficulty maintaining focus during extended overtime in the evenings and trouble keeping a balanced diet I approached Alex for hypnosis.
Alex was incredibly dedicated and attentive to what I was looking for from any prospective sessions. I decided to take the plunge and after just a couple of hypnosis sessions I was amazed by the results.
I experienced an ability to control my food intake, make better judgments regarding what food to consume and was aided in developing strategies to manage the stress of demanding workloads from excessive overtime.
The changes to my thought processes locked in via hypnosis have held firm since our sessions and I continue to enjoy the positive impact this has had on my day to day life.
I would have no trouble recommending Alex to anyone. His style and approach will make you feel instantly at ease and he is only interested in helping you to obtain the outcome you are looking for.

I had struggled on and off with Anxiety and Panic for 13 years. I’d tried various remedies, some helped – some didn’t. I had always been aware of Hypnosis but, i’ll be honest, I was skeptical.
A family member recommended Alex to me. I attended a consultation, and was put at ease immediately. He listened in a completely non-judgmental fashion. I was put into hypnosis and given techniques to control the onset of panic and was asked practice them. Everything that Alex had said and suggested just made sense.
I came away from my follow-up hypnosis session with a positive outlook. I felt more confident, more in-control than I had done for months. I had wondered if this new “mindset” would fade as the weeks passed, but I’m pleased to say they have not. Both the Anxiety and Panic have been non-existent – Amazing!!!
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Alex to anyone who is seeking to change their life for the better.

I visited Alex after a recommendation from a friend of a friend. I was suffering from panic attacks and couldn’t seem to move on. I have been clear of panic attacks since the first session of hypnosis. I now have my life back, thank you.

I am a tennis player and have anger and nerve problems when competing myself. I had my reservations about Hypnosis, but Alex reassured me he could help with some of my problems. He was right, it only took a couple of sessions and the results for me were unbelievable.
I now have a different frame of mind and am so pleased I gave in and tried it!! He has given me some good techniques to use, different coping mechanisms and these have really helped.

I saw Alex for hypnosis having suffered from panic attacks for a few months. I was very skeptical at first, thinking, how can he help?
How wrong was I? He changed how I thought about panic and gave me some techniques to control them when I knew they were coming on! Now I know I can control them they just don’t happen any more and I have stopped looking for them. I am so pleased and grateful to Alex for helping me to move on from a nightmare.

The past continued to dominate my life in a negative way. Anxiety and poor self confidence pulled me back.
I lacked the self belief to achieve things that came so easily to others.
I lived in a cycle of negative thinking where I repeated the same backwards forwards two step! I wanted to become a more relaxed and clear thinking person.
I didn’t know what to expect and tried to dispel all preconceived ideas about hypnotherapy.
Unexpectedly I found it emotional but Alex made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The first session was a way of getting to know why i had decided on hypnotherapy. I disclosed what i felt comfortable with and Alex never expected explanations unless I was ready.
After 3 sessions I have been able to use techniques through visualization to become a clear thinking person. I feel I can be an individual without the past and its negativity dominating my life.
I can enjoy the now and am very much present in the moment. There is something quite re energizing about clear thinking. I am the person I want to be. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to visit Alex and to consider investing time in becoming the real you.

Hi Alex. I can to see you a little while ago and I wanted to say thank you. You and hypnotherapy change my life. The way I looked at life. It improved dramatically. I now have the confidence to talk and voice my mind and opinions.
It worked for me 100% thanks again

Dear Alex,
We have just spent our first weekend away since seeing you for hypnotherapy in the summer. I can honestly say that I enjoyed our entire short break. Most amazing of all was that on the last morning I realized that I didn’t want to come home! A definite first for me.
Thank you so much for your expertise in delving into my past and getting to the bottom of my holiday issues. Now I can finally believe that those issues are behind me!
P.S I would be happy to recommend your hypnosis skills to anyone in the future if the need arises.

*Please note that the results of therapy can vary from person to person depending on their openness and willingness to change.

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