Panic attacks can seem to appear out of the blue or they can be the end product of heightened anxiety. Panic attacks can be anchored to places, certain situations or people. They can even be bought on by feeling certain body sensations like an accelerated heart beat for example. They can develope into panic disorders if unchecked. Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapy for the cessation of these attacks.

The effects of panic attacks are so severe that many sufferers end up in hospital believing they are having a heart attack. They are very difficult to control because they begin in the subconscious mind. By the time the conscious mind becomes aware that something’s happening horrible feelings have already begun.

Unlike conscious therapies that teach coping techniques, hypnotherapy deals with cause of the panic attacks in the subconscious mind so that they don’t even start.

Panic attacks can be caused by a trauma, stressful situations, prolonged, anxiety, extreme fear or concentrating on a bad thought or feeling. Whatever the cause,  if it’s repeated it can get worse over time and the episodes can become more frequent changing it to a panic disorder.

These episodes are very debilitating for the sufferer and can prevent them from leading a normal healthy life. Panic attacks leave people feeling scared, frustrated, powerless, depressed and even agoraphobic.

As discussed talking yourself out of a panic attack is near impossible because by the time you have consciously registered it coming, it’s too late, it’s already happening. Panic attacks start unconsciously in the emotional, fight or flight part of our brain which is faster than the conscious, rational part of the brain. Hypnotherapy works to change the unconscious Panicky thought so they do not happen in the first place.

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