Panic attacks are anxiety gone to the next level! They can be triggered by stress, anxiety or concentrating on unpleasant thoughts. Panic attacks can even be bought on by focusing on bodily sensations like an accelerated heart beat, laboured breathing or over worrying about your health.

Panic attacks can develop into panic disorders and just like anxiety, very rarely just disappear until they are dealt with. If left, they get worse over time and the episodes can become more frequent. These episodes are very debilitating for the sufferer and can prevent them from leading a normal, healthy life. They can be left feeling scared, frustrated, powerless, depressed and even agoraphobic. The effects of panic attacks are so severe that many sufferers end up in the A&E departments of their local hospital with suspected heart attacks.

Panic attacks are very difficult to control consciously because they reside within the more powerful subconscious, feeling part of the mind. By the time the conscious, logical mind becomes aware that something’s happening, the horrible feelings of panic have already set in and seem uncontrollable.

Most talk therapies teach conscious, coping techniques to deal with the attacks. Doctors prescribe beta blockers or sedatives to try and fend them off but hypnotherapy has the advantage of working directly with the subconscious mind to find resolution. The answers to where they came from and why they are there can be found within the subconscious mind. Any bad beliefs, negative thoughts or past traumas can be worked on to find resolution.

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