Removing tension headaches

This is a great technique for removing headaches and neck tension, but you can use it anywhere in the body. When you master it, living with stress related headaches will be a thing of the past and you can amaze your friends by removing their headaches using the same technique. Some of my clients who come in with anxiety describe tension building up in their head, neck and shoulders and they find this technique very helpful to know.
How to use the “move it” technique

1. First locate the pain in your head, neck, or body using your imagination.

2. Now concentrate on the pain and give it a color, size and shape.

3. Put your hand on your head or neck and mentally push the shape into your hand.

4. When it is in your hand physically mimic throwing it away!

5. It is really important to make sure you flick your fingers at the end to flick of any negative energy left on your hand (This may sound weird but just do it because that bad stuff sticks!)

6. Repeat until completely gone or down to a manageable level.

Most headaches are caused by tension brought about by stress or anxiety but if they are regular and persistent you must visit your GP to make sure there is nothing medical that needs addressing.

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