Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is basically a habit that turns into a compulsion. It is not a conscious problem and one that will just go away just because we are aware of it. Sufferers of obsessive compulsive disorder are compelled to repeat a task excessively until they finally feel comfortable. There is always an underlying reason for the behaviour and it can be found and successfully changed using analytical hypnotherapy.

Because we are creatures of habit most of us suffer or have suffered from mild forms of OCD. Many of us can probably think of a ritual that we have to perform before we feel comfortable. For example re-checking the doors are locked before we leave the house. This can be a useful habit as sometimes we forget to do things, but if its taking 20 minutes to re-check the doors over and over again it becomes a problem!

In some cases of OCD physical damage can be caused, like washing hands until they bleed because they don’t feel clean. Common OCD problems involve locks, light switches, cleaning and personal hygiene but include ant task that has to be repeated before comfort is felt. In extreme cases these compulsions can destroy the sufferers life and the lives of the people around them.

The way to accurately assess the cause within the subconscious mind is by using hypnosis. A short course of hypnotherapy is usually all that is needed to re-process the cause of the OCD and change the thinking that maintains it.

Client Testimonial

“I had been suffering for many years with OCD and anxiety and I just wanted my life to return to some sort of normality. Alex was recommended to me and I cannot believe the difference after just 2 sessions. Alex is very calm, friendly and trustworthy and I felt completely comfortable opening up to him and discussing my problems. The Hypnosis worked wonders. We found the root cause, which was not what I thought it was, and treated the effects this had on me throughout my life. I now feel happier, more confident, my OCD is under control and the anxiety has gone. I can’t thank Alex enough for the change he has made to my life”

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