For Kinaesthetic people

This technique works well with kinaesthetic people who are really in touch with their feelings and emotions. As a kinaesthetic person you will have experienced your stomach churning, had butterflies in your chest, felt heaviness in your heart or had gut feelings about things or people. These feelings express how you feel on the inside whenever you get nervous, hurt, anxious or scared.

Our stomachs, heart and lungs are where our emotions and feelings are expressed and when we feel strongly about something, it is usually felt in this area of the body. If you really concentrate on these feelings you will notice that they tend to rotate which maintains the feeling. If our feelings were linier they would shoot off in the distance and disappear as quickly as they came so these feelings must rotate.

Now a really great technique for controlling the horrible gut wrenching, churning feeling we get when we get anxious is called “The motion of emotion”. The opposite of bad is good so you can’t feel the same way about a bad feeling if you reverse it and spin it in the opposite direction.
This technique will require some concentration and imagination on your part, but it really is worth learning and mastering for controlling those anxious feelings.

The Motion of Emotion technique.

1. Firstly you need to get that anxious, horrible, churning feeling going.

2. When you have the feeling, notice where it is located in the body and then concentrate on it until you feel which way it’s turning. Put a finger in front of your stomach and use it to mimic the direction, size and speed of the rotating feeling inside.

3. Once you have your finger rotating with the churning feeling, start to slow it down, noticing the change in anxiety as you do so.

4. When you have slowed the churning down, take a deep breath, hold it and stop your finger at the top of the rotation.

5. On your next breath, slowly start to rotate your finger in the opposite direction.

6. Now gradually start to increase the speed of the finger and notice how the anxiety starts to subside the faster the finger spins. When your finger is flat-out, take it away and imagines this good feeling is spinning like an out of control Catherine wheel, the faster it spins the more fantastic you feel!

Practice this technique so you know the direction of your churning and you will find that you can reverse those bad feelings really quickly. When you get the hang of it you won’t need to use your finger and no one will be aware of what you are doing except you, so its easy to use if you are in public.

If your anxious feeling is going round and round in your head, take exactly the same steps because this technique works anywhere in the body.

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