Self help techniques for anxiety

I teach these anxiety self-help techniques to my clients at my hypnotherapy practice in Norwich. They are very easy to learn, reduce anxiety, weaken bad memories and prevent the onset of panic attacks. In some cases of stress and mild anxiety these techniques have even been known to stop them for good. They are not a replacement for therapy but what they will do is give you some control back in your life by empowering you.
They all require you to youse your imagination so if you do any of these self-help for anxiety techniques half heartedly they will not work. By using your imagination you will have access to your subconscious mind where the anxious thoughts and subsequent feelings are being generated.
We experience everything in life through our 5 senses or modalities which are visual, auditory, kinesthetic (feelings and touch), gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell). The first 3 are the most generally used but everyone has one or two that are stronger than the others. To find the ones that you predominately use, sit down in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 10 minutes. Then imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable place where you feel relaxed with some imagined music playing in the background. If you can picture the scene clearly you are a visual person, if you can hear sounds clearly you are an auditory person, if you can actually feel yourself sitting in the chair you are a kinesthetic person. Now choose the self-help technique that suits your strongest modality. Why not try all of them and see if any of the others resonate with you.

7/11 Breathing

Headache relieving technique

Motion of Emotion

Negative picture changer

Self talk eliminator

Tip. All of these anxiety self help techniques require practice so that they become familiar to you. The moment you start to feel stressed or anxious you should be able to access your stress busting technique on without thinking. Like all human beings we get better with practice so… practice, practice, and practice some more!

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