Help with medical conditions

Hypnotherapy can be used to address psychosomatic illness, help with pain control, help remove fears and phobia’s related to hospitals, teach relaxation and aid in the recovery of illness. Experts now agree that the mind and the body are connected and that our mental state is so important in healing.

Modern medical procedures and medicines are fantastic for the care of our physiology but a major factor of coping and recovering from illness is still being ignored. That is the psychological part of illness.

Mental trauma

How the mind perceives our medical treatment plays a big part in the quality and time it take to recover. Some medical conditions are the result of traumatic accidents that can leave a person suffering mental scars long after the physical ones have healed. Some conditions like Cancer for example lead to catastrophic thoughts and fears that seriously hamper recovery.
A mind constantly in fear is not a mind conducive to recovery as the body is put into ‘defensive mode’ where the emphasis is placed on running or fighting. A relaxed mind puts the body into ‘health mode’ where growth hormones are released and the immune system is at its most efficient. So it follows that the more relaxed mentally and physically you are the faster you recover.
Having persistent negative thoughts like ‘I’m going to die’ and ‘life will never be the same again’ can also be taken as instructions by the body making illnesses worse.

Psychosomatic illness

Some illnesses can be psychosomatic where a belief or secondary gain maintain them. The conscious mind is unaware why the sufferer is holding onto their condition but the deeper subconscious mind has a very good reason for hiding it. In such cases when these issues are addressed the persons illness goes. Hypnotherapy is very good for psychosomatic illness resolution because it can communicate with the subconscious mind and locate the problem.

Medical fears and phobia’s

Going through a medical procedure will cause mental anguish to a degree to all of us but for some it can be a big issue. Some people fear hospitals, doctors, needles, scans, the list goes on. For these people thinking about their procedure is worse than physically going through it. Some may even refuse medical intervention rather than face the mental anguish. Hypnotherapy can locate these fears and process them so that sufferers can think rationally about their conditions.

Pain control

A natural byproduct of hypnosis is analgesia. Hypnosis is linked to relaxation and as you know you can’t be relaxed and in pain at the same time. In the deeper states of hypnosis natural anaesthesia can even be produced. Self hypnosis can be taught to people in pain so that they can reproduce these effects at will.

Recovery from illness

As I mentioned earlier, a relaxed mind and body puts the body into ‘health mode’ where recovery from illness is hastened. Self hypnosis can be taught and reproduced to relax and recover at home. In the deeper states of hypnosis recovery can be 6 to 10 times faster than normal. Many athletes are using self hypnosis as part of a recovery process. In the USA football and baseball teams utilise a hypnotherapist for this purpose.

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