Anxiety and trauma related problems

Here are just some of the issues that I help my clients resolve using hypnotherapy. There are many more anxiety inducing issues of course but whatever the problem is, it negatively impacts on their lives. Because anxiety related problems are maintained by the emotional subconscious mind, trying to deal with them using logic has limiting effects. So when counselling fails it’s not because the advice is bad, its that it is being rejected by the subconscious part of the mind. Hypnotherapy is so effective with anxiety disorders because it works directly with the subconscious mind.

Most peoples problems begin with an emotionally charged event that forms a belief. If the event is repeated (or even thought about) the belief is compounded. The repetition develops into a habit  which invariably negatively impacts that persons life. The stress that is caused can leads to anxiety and avoidance, which worsens with time and can lead to panic attacks. Sometimes the panic attacks are so frightening the person may believe feel they are having a heart attack. There is no avoiding anxiety, it just worsens with time until you deal with it. Any use of avoidance only prolongs the discomfort. I include anti depressants in this which may seem controversial to those who believe that anxiety and depression purely come from hormone imbalances.

Hypnosis enables a therapist to locate and work with the causes of anxiety and the bad beliefs that were generated from them. It also helps with the reprogramming of new habits within the subconscious mind to make life easier in the future. Once the cause of the anxiety issue has been found and re-processed people can begin to think, act and behave differently, moving towards a life more conducive to happiness.

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If you can’t see your issue here fill in the query box below and I will get back to you ASAP. Hypnotherapy can help with pretty much any emotional issue quickly and effectively.

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