Hypnotherapy for fibromyalgia


What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease that produces pain throughout the body, profound tiredness and flu like symptoms. The NHS says that fibromyalgia affects about 1 in 20 people in the UK and because it is classed as a chronic illness there is no medical cure. The most popular treatments that help for fibromyalgia are anti-depressants, counselling, CBT, exercise and relaxation which are aimed at reducing the symptoms, not the condition. This is very frustrating for fibromyalgia sufferers who are given very little hope of recovery.
Fibromyalgia is a disorder of the nervous system. The medical profession do not know why it comes about but it is very common for the condition to begin after a major life changing event or begin in people who have suffered childhood trauma. The condition is worsened by pain, lack of sleep, thoughts of helplessness and an inability to function at home or at work. This mind-set can lead to anxiety, IBS and depression.

How can Hypnotherapy help for fibromyalgia sufferers?

Most hypnotherapy treatments for fibromyalgia involve teaching self-hypnosis for relaxation and pain control techniques. This kind of relief for the symptoms of fibromyalgia is very empowering for suffers and is of tremendous help.

How is my approach to chronic illness different?

There is a cause for every illness, it doesn’t come from nowhere! Our genes are the blue prints of life; they do not control our destiny! Even if there were a fibromyalgia gene it can only be expressed by a signal from outside the cell. Many of us believe Fibromyalgia is triggered by a trauma, a stacking of traumas or a long-time negative belief about oneself or the surrounding world that cause the nervous system to react with illness.
We think in our minds and feel in our body. If you think dark thoughts, have feelings of worthlessness, hold a belief about perfection and feel compelled to please it will be expressed in the cells of your body.
By tackling the root causes of illness and negative beliefs about self-worth the mind can be re-programmed towards healing and health. If you send thoughts of healing to your cells they will respond. This may sound farfetched but try the exercise below
Think about something horrible for a minute and ‘really’ focus on it. Tell yourself how dreadful it is, how painful it is, how unfair it is etc. You will find it easier if you close your eyes.
Now notice what has happened within your body.  You have just instructed your body at a cellular level to feel bad.
Now think about someone you ‘really’ love and focus on them in detail for about a minute. Focus on what you like about them and notice how you start to feel inside.

How long does it take and what will I get?

Tackling a long term illness like fibromyalgia varies from person to person but we’ll have a really good idea after 4 sessions how long it’s going to take me to do my work. Sessions last between 1.5 to 2 hours and are 2 weeks apart. You will be given relaxation techniques to practice daily for healing pain control techniques and some mp3 recordings.
Successful therapy is about empowerment! You should be prepared to work twice as hard as me to get well from fibromyalgia. There is no instant fix; your success depends on the amount of effort that you put in. You have the inner resources to heal.  I can help you harness and direct them but your outcome will depend on your focus on recovery.
In your time with me I will help you to resolve the past, help change your beliefs, teach you to relax, give you techniques for pain relief and help to point you to self-healing. We will shoot for the stars and catch whatever comes down!

If You have any questions about hypnotherapy for fibromyalgia or help for fibromyalgia please fill in the questions box below;

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