Fee’s for Norwich Hypnotherapy Services from April 1st 2022

The initial consultation

My initial consultations are done on the phone so if you have any questions about Hypnotherapy or whether I can help with your issue you can call me on 07899886882. If you are happy with what you hear and feel ready to start you can book a session with me.

Exploratory first session £80 (approximately 2 hours)

The first exploratory session is to find out what’s bothering you, ask a few questions about your past and let you have an experience of hypnosis. I will explain the operation of the mind, how people get themselves in a pickle and how it’s possible to get out of one. Then I’ll introduce you to hypnosis and then I’ll hypnotise you if you are happy for me to do so. It is usually a long session so give yourself a good couple of hours. There is no clock watching on my part, I have allocated plenty of time for you. If you do not feel I am not the right therapist, you do not have to continue beyond the first session. Our relationship is paramount and we both have to be on the same page for a successful outcome. After the first session I will have a better idea of how many sessions you’ll need to get you in a good place.

Single Sessions  £80 (approximately 2 hours)

Three session block (advisable for long term anxiety issues) £215  saving £25

After your exploratory first session you will be offered an additional 3 sessions at a reduced price. This gives us the time to address your issues systematically and thoroughly giving you the chance to test new feelings and create new habits in between sessions. To hasten your moving forward you will also be taught ‘self hypnosis’ for self-suggestion and relaxation techniques. Investing in a further 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, saves money, commits you to following through with the program and you can book  convenient time slots in advance.

Gut Directed Hypnotherapy treatment package for IBS  £300

The IBS treatment  includes 4 individual  sessions of hypnotherapy. The program is accompanied by information hand outs and 5 self-hypnosis MP3 recordings that cement in the work done during the hypnosis sessions. You will have access to the recordings for the future should you need them. To access the recordings you will need to set up a Dropbox account as the files are too large to send. Setting up an account with Dropbox is free and quite handy for storing other information.


How long are your sessions?

Hypnotherapy sessions can take a couple of hours or so. If you are coming during your working day allow at least a couple of hours with me so you don’t feel rushed. Because I mainly work with more difficult cases I only see 3 clients a day so you have my undivided attention and focus during your session.

How can I Pay?

Fees can be paid in cash, credit or debit card or with a personal cheque and are due at the end of each session. If you wish to take advantage of the 3 session price, full payment will be due after the first session.


I take my work very seriously and I expect my clients to put their healing at the top of their priority list. I understand that from time to time unavoidable things crop up but I am self employed and my living relies on you attending our agreed appointments. All I ask is if you can not make your session please contact me as soon as possible out of courteously so that I have the opportunity to fill your slot. I have allocated an afternoon, morning or evening to helping you so if you do not let me know at least the day before that you can’t make your appointment, payment in full will be expected.

If you want to contact me and ask a question please feel free to use the form below or call me on 07899886882.

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