PTSD and trauma recovery

The benefit of using hypnotherapy to resolve PTSD is that it doesn’t involve the prolonged discomfort of aversion therapies. Hypnotherapy addresses the emotions connected with the Trauma and detaches them from the painful memory. Once the emotion has been removed and the trauma processed the event can be thought of without the emotional discomfort.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) occurs when a traumatic experience can not be processed by the subconscious mind. The negative charge held in the traumatic experience is re-ignited when the memory is accessed. This causes the terrible feelings to be re-experienced as intensely as when they were created by the trauma. The subconscious mind tries to process the trauma during sleep causing the sufferer night terrors so it seems there is no escape from the pain.

When we think of PTSD we think of a disorder suffered by soldiers who served in Afghanistan but PTSD is not just restricted to soldiers and victims of war. Anyone who has been involved in a highly emotional negative experience can fall victim to the reoccurring bad memories and the terrible feelings that accompany them. These events may include accidents, violent attacks, rapes, trauma and childhood abuse.

Thankfully not everyone who has a traumatic experience suffers from PTSD. It depends how each individual internally processes the traumatic experience. Having people around you to talk to can make a huge difference but many of us internalise or bury our feelings, carry on and keep a “stiff upper lip”. Left unprocessed bottled up feelings can manifest into anxiety, panic, anger, confusion, frustration and depression.

Talk therapies like psychotherapy, counselling and CBT  use the practice of conscious re-learning and desensitisation through aversion therapy. They can be relatively slow and prolong therapy because they do not address the subconscious emotional mind part of the mind effectively.

Hypnotherapy helps trauma sufferers re-process and re-frame these bad experiences so that the emotion is not linked to memory. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind where these bad memories and thoughts are stored.
If you have had a traumatic experience that keeps replaying in your mind why not contact me and book a consultation so that you I can explain to you how hypnotherapy can help set you free to recovery. Your needless suffering doesn’t have to continue!

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