By using hypnotherapy for stopping smoking quitting can be much easier than you may believe and cost less than you think.

Every adult smoker knows they smell bad! Their breath, their clothes, their car and their house. They know that it’s bad for them and they are reminded of that by the photographs of diseased parts of the body printed on every pack. If they are older smokers they probably know that statistically they have a 50/50 chance of dying of a smoking related disease. They know that cigarettes are nearly £15 a pack and if they’re doing it properly and smoking a pack a day they are spending over £400 a month. So logically, on the face of it it’s a pretty silly thing to do! But smoking is not driven by the logical part of the mind, it comes from the subconscious, habitual part of the mind.

Most of the emphasis is placed upon nicotine addiction when it comes to quitting smoking. That is fantastic for the sellers of really expensive chewing gum or patches. Actually the hardest part about smoking cessation is breaking the habit and the links between cigarettes and every day activities. You see, everything a smoker does is linked to smoking a cigarette; driving, drinking a cup of tea or coffee, socialising, relaxing etc etc. So when a smoker tries to quit smoking their day to day activities constantly remind them of lighting up a cigarette making it impossible to stop thinking about smoking.

Most long term smokers have tried to quit smoking many times in the past and have failed thus creating the belief that it’s really difficult or even impossible. Some worry that they will pile on weight if they quit, creating a seemingly credible excuse to continue with the habit. Well neither of those things need to be true and that’s where hypnotherapy comes into play. Hypnosis gives direct access to the subconscious part of the mind that is maintaining the smoking habit. That’s why it is more effective and easier to quit smoking. It also only takes a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.

So if you can hold up one of those stinky things and honestly say “ I’m sick of you and I want you out of my life” you are ready to quit smoking for good. Give me a call on 07899886882 or fill in the contact box below and we’ll get started together.

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