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My name is Alex Evans. I am a Registered Hypnotist and a full time professional hypnotherapists in Norwich.

If trying to rationalise your problem by talking about it or taking medication hasn’t helped you’re probably in the right place. I am often the last person that people come to see after everything else they have tried has failed, but usually the most successful.

Behavioral problems reside within the deeper subconscious mind which is why talking about them, trying to rationalise them or sedation with antidepressants doesn’t have much effect. Hypnosis gives access to the subconscious mind where memories, beliefs and habits reside. Once found, the incidences that caused these bad feelings and behaviours can be understood and healing can take place.

I specialise in help for anxiety disorders and childhood trauma resolution that lead to harmful behaviours like panic attacks, OCD, fears, phobia’s, PTSD, eating disorders and inappropriate anger to name a few.

The mind can cause illness and pain and can equally be used to aid healing. I help people with mind/body disorders that cause chronic illness, chronic pain or TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome previously Tension Myositis Syndrome) I have helped many people suffering from cancer and autoimmune diseases like ME, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis move towards greater comfort and healing.

There are a multitude of mental health issues that hypnotherapy can help with of which some can be found below.


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Help for anxiety is most common thing i'm asked to help resolve at my Norwich Hypnotherapy practice.  It could be ...
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Bullying at school, home or work Bullying can be a major underlying cause of anxiety for many people at school, ...
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Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma Resolution The early years are where our programming as human beings begins. These experiences lay the foundations of ...
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Chronic illness

Coping with chronic illness Illnesses have been widely thought of as a purely physiological and the modern treatments for curing ...
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Chronic Pain

The minds involvement in chronic pain Pain is classed as chronic if it persists longer than 12 weeks after physical ...
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Eating disorders

Tackling eating disorders Eating disorders vary from over eating to under eating. They include binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, purging, night ...
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Gut Directed Hypnotherapy You may have thought that there is no help for the relief of IBS beyond medication and ...
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Men’s health

Harboring negative feelings like anger, guilt, shame and fear can lead to low self worth, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and ...
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD is basically a habit that turns into a compulsion. It is not a conscious problem and ...
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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can come from trauma, be the product of anxiety or severe phobias. They can be anchored to places, ...
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Fear and phobia removal Hypnotherapy is probably best known for its success in the removal of fears and phobias. A ...
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PTSD and trauma recovery The benefit of using hypnotherapy to resolve PTSD is that it doesn't involve unnecessary or prolonged ...
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Reduce stress and anxiety Can you imagine being able to fall into a deep state of relaxation at the drop ...
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Secret of a good nights sleep Hypnotherapy has long been used to aid sleep by tackling stress and calming busy ...
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Speech Difficulties

Stuttering and stammering Speech problems including stuttering, stammering and Tourette's are problems that begin in childhood. All of us regularly ...
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Out perform your rivals In competitive sports the thing that separates the best players from the rest of the field ...
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Teenage Anxiety

Help for children with anxiety Getting help for teenage anxiety can be a nightmare for any parent. Trying to cope ...
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Weight loss

Weight loss Hypnotherapy Many people reading this will have tried lots of different diets before giving up and seeking the ...
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