Childhood Trauma Resolution

The early years are where our programming as human beings begins. These experiences lay the foundations of who we are and how we perceive the world. We accumulate 60% of our life’s total knowledge in the first 5 years from birth so our early experiences are very influential on our growth.

Childhood trauma’s can cause corruptions within our unconscious minds that affect us and the decisions we make now in our adult lives. If a child feels unloved, scared, guilty, shameful or unfairly treated these experiences can manifest into eating disorders, social anxiety, chronic pain, depression, OCD and even chronic illness in later life.

Some trauma’s are known by the conscious mind but many are below conscious awareness. Even though they are hidden they still play a part in our decision-making as adults. Using analytical hypnotherapy past traumas can be processed and understanding applied allowing healing to take place.

If you feel that something is wrong but can’t quite put your finger on it sometimes you have to look in the past for the answers. If you have experienced abuse or trauma as a child of course you don’t want to think about it or face up to it but until you do the uncomfortable feelings will persist. I can help you find resolution and help you to process these feelings using Hypnotherapy and counselling.

Below is a personal account of one of my clients experiences with Hypnotherapy after suffering from childhood trauma and abuse;


“Alex has a thorough understanding of the human psyche and a genuine desire to pass onto clients tools with which to make positive and effective change in their lives. I found Alex to be a no nonsense but deeply compassionate and professional therapist. He never let me leave the therapy space without me fully processing whatever had emerged in the session. This meant sometimes having ‘ well over and above the call of duty’ time and care given to me. I cannot thank Alex enough for this gift. I have spent several years in talking therapy but it is only after a few sessions with Alex that I have begun to make real and lasting change in my life. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone who genuinely wants to release themselves from past negative patterns especially those who feel they are beyond help”


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