Reduce stress and anxiety

Can you imagine being able to fall into a deep state of relaxation at the drop of a hat or fall to sleep in a matter of minutes? Learning how to relax, no ‘really relax’ is something that everyone can benefit from. Relaxation reduces tension, stress, anxiety and promotes the release of endorphins that promote health and healing.

Stress is an unwanted byproduct of a busy and demanding modern day lifestyle. Unfortunately all that stress releases hormones like cortisol that keep us on high alert. These hormones effect our health, our eating habits, emotional states and our sleeping patterns.

Many people are using Hypnotherapy for stress relief and controlling anxiety to improve their lives and health. A hypnotherapist can teach anyone how to self hypnotise and when practiced it becomes a skill that they will have for life.

The advantage that hypnosis has over other relaxation techniques is that it is faster to induce and as the state is usually deeper, less time needs to be spent there for the same benefits. Some of the deeper states of hypnosis can improve healing between 6 and 10 times faster. Natural pain control techniques can also be taught using hypnosis as analgesia is a byproduct of the hypnotic state. At the deepest hypnotic state refereed to as ‘the Esdale state’ full body anaesthesia can be replicated. Positive suggestions can also be introduced to improve self confidence.

Every one was born with the ability to be hypnotised and It doesn’t take long to learn self hypnosis. If you would like the ability to relax and enjoy all the benefits that self hypnosis brings you can contact me by filling in the boxes below with any questions you may have or call me on 07899886882 for a chat.

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