Hypnotherapy help with cancer


Modern treatments for cancer

Cancer is thought of and treated in the western world as a physiological disease. Cancerous tissue and tumors are cut out, then ‘nuked’ and ‘zapped’ by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Some people opt to have tissue removed to prevent cancer if they are carrying certain genes or to prevent it reoccurring if they’re in remission..
Something that is ignored is the minds involvement in firstly the causation of cancer, secondly the healing of cancer and third the prevention of a re occurrence of cancer. It is well documented that childhood trauma and negative major life occurrences greatly increase the chances of chronic illnesses. It is also well known that a positive outlook increases the speed of healing in cancer and the prevention of it coming back.

What has the mind got to do with Cancer?

*This next part is really important*
‘We receive information from our environment through the food that we eat, the chemicals that we absorb through our skin and the air that breath. We also receive information about our environment through our eyes, ears and through touch. This information is assessed by our belief system, which generates thoughts, which are converted into electrical/chemical signals. These signals travel through our nervous, endocrine, enteric and immune system and instruct our cells how to react’
If you are holding onto negative thoughts of fear, anger, guilt, shame or believe that the world is a scary place you are basically putting your body in defensive mode at a cellular level. When the body is in defensive mode it is not growing or healing!

How can Hypnotherapy help with my recovery from cancer?

1. Hypnosis can access the belief system within the subconscious mind to heal past trauma and change negative beliefs.
2. Self hypnosis techniques can be taught that allow a person to drop into deeper states of relaxation where the speed of healing is increased.
3. Under hypnosis the mind can be encouraged to fight cancer and concentrate its efforts on healing.
4. Pain relief techniques can be taught as analgesia and anesthesia can be created in hypnosis.
5. The sickness resulting from chemotherapy can be reduced using hypnotherapy.

How can Hypnotherapy do this?

Hypnosis accesses the feeling part of the mind (limbic system). The hypothalamus, at the heart of the feeling mind connects directly with the autonomous nervous system, the endocrine system and the enteric system. The enteric and endocrine systems communicate with the immune system. Because all of these systems are linked we can send signals to our cells via the hypothalamus to aid healing.

“I had the bronchoscopy as planned, although it took 1 hour and I have to thank you, I got through it very well despite having very little time to get to ” my place”. I was aware of the initial prep and entry into my lung but then I seemed to be unaware of anything going on inside until the very end when I was aware of something going on,but even then I did not panic. The whole procedure was very tolerable and the surgeon managed to get 5 tissue samples. I am due to meet with the oncologist to see what they can do for me. Once again Thank you Alex”


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