Tackling eating disorders

Eating disorders vary from over eating to under eating. They include binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, purging, night eating and restricting or avoiding diets. The cause of most eating disorders is usually buried deep within the subconscious mind, which is why hypnotherapy is so successful At resolving them.

The conventional ways of treating eating disorders with conscious therapies can be slow. There is always a reason why eating disorders start but it’s usually hidden from the conscious mind which explains the mixed results of talk therapies when dealing with the problem.
Eating disorders usually begin in childhood and seem to be particularly prevalent in teenage girls, but that’s not to say that boys don’t suffer too. When the cause of the eating disorder is found and understood using hypnosis the sufferer can remove the  feelings that drive the disorder.
Dealing with an eating disorder using Hypnotherapy is relatively fast as the cause can be accurately located and processed

Client reference:
“In early 2015 I was diagnosed with an eating disorder, after battling this for 12-18 months prior to this diagnosis, I had got to a stage where I needed to seek help. My GP referred me to a specialist clinic where I had counselling and CBT therapy. To a degree this helped me but not enough to keep me on the road to recovery and over the next few months my illness was up and down.
A friend suggested I try hypnotherapy and recommended Alex, at Norwich Hypnotherapy Services. I had never considered hypnotherapy and in all honesty had no idea that it could be used for such problems like mine. After a consultation with Alex I had a good feeling that this may be what I needed to help me move forwards. I understood that my belief system somewhere in my past had accepted that my attitude towards food was normal and that through hypnotherapy these thoughts could be altered to a positive and healthier attitude.
Three further hypnotherapy appointments followed and even after the first session I felt a change, like a weight had been lifted. It was an emotional experience however after each session I felt like finally there was an answer to why my thoughts around food were as they were.
Things that I never thought contributed to it did and this would never have been recognised or highlighted if it wasn’t for hypnotherapy. I cannot recommend enough giving hypnotherapy a go, I have tried various forms of counselling and other therapy but none of which opened my eyes and helped me like this did. What it can do is incredible and I can only be very thankful to Alex for his amazing and professional work. He really did open the door to a much brighter future for me”

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