Secret of a good nights sleep

Hypnotherapy has long been used to aid sleep by tackling stress and calming busy minds. In my Hypnotherapy practice I have found nearly all sleep problems are a due to worry or an over active mind. Some people have difficulty getting to sleep at night , others getting back to sleep seems to be an issue. If these problems continue they can become habitualised and develops into insomnia.

Lack of sleep has been linked to a suppressed immune system increasing common illnesses as well as life threatening conditions such as diabetes, heart attacks, obesity and even cancer. So you see sleep deprivation is something that is important to rectify.
Sleep is essential because during slumber our subconscious mind has the chance to processes, sort and file all of all the information gathered during the day. The processing of the accumulated information happens during the REM or dream stage of sleep. If the brain does not get the chance to process this information we tend to be less creative, more impulsive, more likely to make poor judgments the next day.
A good night’s sleep increases concentration, attention, creativity, social skills and health. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective for tackling sleep problems which are usually a symptom of my client’s issues.
Hectic Modern lives full of stress, over stimulation and the added attractions of evening entertainment cause us to reject our natural urge to sleep. On average an adult needs 8½ hours sleep a night but most of us are averaging only 6 ½ hours. Sleep must be important to us because we sleep for an average of 32 of our lives.
Another side effect of not getting enough sleep is increased hunger and an attraction to especially high in calorie foods. When we are tired the hunger hormone Ghrelin is produced in lager amounts. When Ghrelin is released in high levels carbohydrates look much more attractive to us especially the ones containing sugars. You probably notice that when you are hungry late at night the junk food looks much more appealing than salad or fruit.
It only usually takes one to two sessions of hypnotherapy to sort out Sleeping problems so that you can enjoy the benefits of a restful sleep.

If you have any questions about how hypnotherapy can help you get a good nights sleep send your query in the box below or call me on 07899886882.

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