Bullying at school, home or work

Bullying can be a major underlying cause of anxiety for many people at school, home or at the work place. It is one of the most common issues that I help my clients resolve under hypnosis. If you were bullied in the past and if every time you think of it now you break out in a sweat why not use hypnotherapy to sort it out. Most cases of bullying start at school but bullies can be close relatives or even work colleagues.

Many people have lived with abusive partners who have tormented them with physical and mental abuse. Bullying causes increased stress, anxiety and even depression as victims become confused, scared or feel trapped. Some are consumed by anger at the injustice years after the bullying took place.

It is a well-known fact that being bullied in childhood can lead to psychological issues right up into adulthood. A recent study done by Kings College London examined 7,771 children’s exposure to bullying at the age of 7 and 11, following them up at the age of 50. The results revealed that 28% of the children suffered occasional bullying and 15% were frequently bullied. The children who were bullied were found to have poorer physical and mental health in adulthood. Many others suffered from depression and anxiety disorders and were found to be lower achievers, more likely to be unemployed and have more relationship problems.

The helplessness and fear felt by victims obviously has a huge impact and can not be under estimated. Our childhood experiences form part of our belief system and the emotional upset that bullying causes stays with us and forms part of our self-image.

Our beliefs about ourselves are maintained in our subconscious which is the part of the mind where hypnotherapy works. Bullying and negative self beliefs can be successfully re-processed and resolved so that you can move on and really start to live your life.

Client Testimony 

“For the the first 30 years I had been subjected to bullying and manipulative behaviour, This had a devastating effect and changed me from a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky person to a miserable one with low self-esteem which continued for many years afterwards. I wish someone had told me I didn’t need or deserve to put up with this and there was help out there. Hypnotherapy has allowed me to completely turn my life around and has empowered me by giving me the tools to deal with such issues. Now everyone tells me I am a like a different person- I am the happier and more confident person I deserve to be”

If you have been bullied in the past and have some questions about how hypnotherapy can help resolve those negative feelings fill in the box below with your questions or call me on 07899886882.

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