12/02/2018 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Are your beliefs keeping you tethered down?

The picture above demonstrates the true power of belief. Have you ever wondered how a tiny piece of rope and a wooden stake prevent a 5 ton elephant from running away?

Baby elephants are tethered to the ground by a stake attached to their leg and quickly learn that escape is impossible. Once this becomes habituated the elephant will believe that escape is futile for the rest of its life. In many cases the stake is not needed, the rope attached to its leg suffices.

Now put yourself in the elephants position and think about how many false beliefs you are ‘tethered’ on to. These beliefs feel so familiar because you have repeated them for many years. They have literally become part of you.

How many of you belief that you are not good enough, or you don’t deserve to be happy, that you can never be free of your anguish or live in fear, with inner guilt, shame or anger? These are the beliefs that stop you from really living life but in truth they are only the perceptions of a child.

Yes your core beliefs were formed when you were little, learning about life and love from your parents, teachers and peers, making up the rest with your limited experiences of life.

‘You are still using your core beliefs that were formed in childhood  to make important decisions about life and how to live it’

Think about this, ‘Would you ask a 5 year olds advice when making big decisions in your life today?’ Of course not! You don’t need to because you have ‘your own’ inner 5 year old to do it for you!

The good news is that you can get help untethering yourself from these beliefs. Visit someone who can help you process the trauma’s of the past and re- evaluate your beliefs. If this blog has struck a chord with you have a look through my website and if you have any questions on adverse childhood experiences or hypnotherapy please get in touch.

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