09/05/2022 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Having trouble trying to adapt to life’s challenges?

Something that we have above the creatures on this planet is the ability to quickly adapt our thinking when challenged. We learn from experience and then adapt our behaviour to better prepare ourselves for future challenges. 

The biggest challenge to adapting and changing our thinking is familiarity. We are habitual creatures and like things to be the same because the familiarity gives us predictable outcomes. The familiar doesn’t necessarily have to be good, we can be in jobs or relationships that make us unhappy but the familiarity of them makes them acceptable. Moving away from what’s familiar and changing is difficult because it’s a jump into unknown territory and therefore has an element of risk. Unfortunately if we don’t change things will remain the same, so we have to learn to adapt!

Everyone I see in my practice are running bad programs that have become so familiar they run unconsciously. They cannot see beyond where they are and the repetition of these programs only compounds their anxiety and fear. Until they have a new experience or learn something new they have no chance of resolving them. 

You can be forced to change or you can learn to adapt by thinking differently about yourself about the world around you. If you are depressed or anxious you can’t fail but notice that there are happy people in this world so it is possible to be happy. Yes, their situations are different to yours and you may feel fully justified in feeling down, but if you keep thinking and behaving in the same way you will continue to remain stuck where you are. So some kind of adaptation to your way of thinking has to be made before you can move on. 

There is a saying that if you can’t resolve your problems it’s because you’re trying to resolve them with what you already know. Therefore you have to be open to new ideas or risk staying stuck  where you are.

I offer an exploratory session to my clients so they can learn about how their mind is operating and what is causing them their problems. Then I tell them how it’s possible to change their beliefs and address their bad habits. Then I teach them about the subconscious mind and hypnotherapy before giving them an experience of hypnosis. They are free to take away and use what I’ve taught them so they can adapt their thinking.

If you are having difficulty adapting to life’s challenges and are interested in finding out more you can call me on 07899886882 or contact me by email here.

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