12/08/2017 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Self talk is self hypnosis.

What you tell yourself determines your happiness!

Would you stay friends with someone who said you can’t do anything right, that you were useless, ugly, stupid and will never amount to anything? Of course you wouldn’t!
But these are the things that people tell themselves every day. They tell themselves so often that eventually their belief is that these things must be true. People say things to themselves that they would never dream of saying to others. It’s called self hypnosis!
I want you to think about what you tell yourself. Are you convincing yourself that you are worthless or can’t do something with your own negative self talk?
The thing that separates happy people from sad people is how they view themselves and the world where they live. These beliefs about the world come from past experience. In fact every decision we make in the now is based on past experiences. If you have had a fraught past then your beliefs could be tainted by these experiences. This will effect how you view yourself, your self talk and your current decision making.
If you recognise these traits and can’t seem to change them it is because they have become unconscious and outside of your conscious control.
Now the good news is unconscious activities can be influenced by hypnosis! Past beliefs can be altered by understanding and negative habits including bad self talk can be addressed. Unfortunately Hypnosis is very much misunderstood mainly due to stage hypnosis but it holds the key to the recovery from many mental health issues involving the unconscious mind.

If you are interested in how hypnosis works and how hypnotherapy can address negative self talk have a look through the website. If you have any questions fill in the boxes below or give me a call on 07899886882.

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