13/08/2018 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Teenage troubles at school



Are you dreading your child’s return to school?

For many parents September can’t come quick enough. Family holidays are over and done with and entertaining restless children has taken its toll on their sanity. But there are parents out there who are dreading their child’s return to school.

Many children broke up from school last term suffering from anxiety and panic attacks caused by not fitting in, low self esteem, performance worries, exam stress etc. Some will be worried about moving up to high school or sixth form, college or university.

Resiliency to pressure and change varies from one child to the next. Most get through education relatively unscathed but for many, especially the sensitive ones getting through it is torturous.

Unfortunately once the ‘feeling’ mind gets involved in a negative way, fear takes over and the problems begin. These problems can extend for years and seldom get better on their own. There is very little help and advice for families with an anxious child and long weights to see wellbeing counsellors. Some children even have to be medicated to function at home and at school.

So what do I do if I need help?

If you recognise these difficulties in your child there is a therapy called Hypnotherapy that deals with the feeling and automatic parts of the subconscious mind where anxieties are generated. There are lots of pages on my website that explain anxiety, panic attacks and self esteem problems in more detail. Also there is a page with FAQ’s about Hypnotherapy and hypnosis.


“I would recommend Alex as a hypnotherapist without hesitation. My daughter (just turned 18) had a range of issues including anxiety, depression and quite debilitating panic attacks. With her A levels impending I thought that Hypnotherapy would be of some use to her; I envisualised her learning some coping strategies for stress-inducing situations.
But her sessions with Alex have achieved so much more than that; her burdens seem to have been permanently lifted. It has transformed her life and her self confidence. She faced her A levels with equanimity and impressively when she did have a minor wobble she was able to face it down and move on.
We are extremely grateful to Alex”


If you can’t find what you need or have any questions please go to the contact page and drop me a line or give me a call.

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