01/11/2017 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Will your childhood experiences affect your health?

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) questionnaire

The ACE questionnaire was formulated in 1994 by Dr Robert Anda, a senior researcher in preventative medicine to determine the effects of childhood trauma on the health of adults. It was completed by 17,337 people and it concluded that the higher the score, the more chance there was of developing a health problem. The study has been repeated more recently with similar results. The questionnaire covers the first 18 years of life.
If you have been suffering from mental or physical health problems why not take the test to see if your childhood may have a bearing on your health. If you have a score shouldn’t you be addressing your past?
Click on the link below to fill in the questionnaire-

If you have any questions about the ACE questionnaire, hypnosis, Hypnotherapy or childhood trauma please fill in the boxes below;

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