28/03/2018 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

The secret to becoming happy!

How much time do you waste thinking about what other people are doing and saying?

We are told by newspapers and social media who to like and who to hate, who to vote for, who to fear, how we should be living our lives and what we must have to be happy. We end up absorbing other people’s fear and hatred, taking ownership of it so that it becomes ours. We become judge and executioner by ganging up on celebrities who we know nothing about, revelling in their unhappiness, their problems making our own seem smaller, distracting us from addressing our own issues.

How much time do you waste predicting what other people are thinking about you?

Most of the time these people are not people who you choose to be friends, trust or even like. They don’t even think about you as much as you think because they are getting on with their own lives. So why waste so much time on them?

Only by concentrating on what we are doing can we be happy. Accepting that we are separate to others and have our own lives to lead. Leaving others to live their lives and make their own mistakes without judgement. Accepting that we are all imperfect!

I guarantee that if you stop judging other people, stop trying to predict what other people are thinking, let people be who ever they are and focus on your own life happiness will follow.


‘Only you can make yourself feel bad’. Stop absorbing other people negativity!
’Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’. stop judging!
’Ask advice only from the people that you love and respect’. Because they Know you better and will tell you the truth!

If you have any questions on the above or how to leave the past behind please fill in the boxes below.

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