23/02/2018 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Why We should ban the word ‘remission’

When we get over a cold it’s gone! When we get over the flu it’s gone!, if we were to get over meningitis we would be cured! etc, etc so why is it that when we get through cancer we are told that we are in only in remission?

You may say that cancer is different to other diseases but one thing all they all have in common is they have a starting point. Some diseases are viral, some involve contact with germs but what about cancer?

Most people believe cancer genetic and if you have a certain gene it’s inevitable that you will get it. Cancer does involve genes but having a potentially cancerous gene in your DNA doesn’t mean that you will get cancer. Genes are expressed when signals from the environment cause them to be expressed. These signals come from the food we ingest, the air we breath, the chemicals that we come in contact with on our skin but most importantly are our thoughts! Our perceptions of the outside world create beliefs and these beliefs affect our feelings. Feelings are changed into electro/chemical signals that tell our cells what to do and which gene to express.

The word regression creates fear which is translated into ‘my cancer is going to come back’ by our feelings which tell our cells what genes to express. Our cells don’t think, they just do as they are instructed!

So anyone out there who has recovered from cancer you are cured! Eat healthily, forgive people from the past who have wronged you, forgive yourself, start living your life, don’t be judgmental and look for the good in people and the world around you. If anyone around you especially doctors uses the word ‘remission’ tell them to “wash their mouths out with soapy water”


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