05/08/2022 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Are you a people pleaser?

One of the most common traits that causes anxiety is people pleasing. People pleasing is a trait learned in childhood and one explained in my book ‘How to get over the start line’. 

All children like the feelings they get when praised and it can become an addiction to some. If that need is not met then they’ll try harder especially if it involves a parent. If that praise is still not forthcoming by the parent the child will keep trying. Before long, with repetition and compounding the people pleasing becomes habituated. Sometimes people pleasing can be learned from a parent as children imitate the carer they are most connected to.

Deep down people pleasers are the angriest people around because they can’t display their frustration of being responsible for everyone’s happiness. The unfairness causes the inner anger that is responsible for many mental and even physical health problems. The people pleaser makes everyone else around them’s life easier but they get taken advantage of and they know it?

You can learn to say no when you don’t want to do something without feeling like a terrible person and it’s difficult to begin with but why shouldn’t your no’s be just as acceptable as the ones you receive?

My book How To Get Over The Start Line is now available at The Book Depository if you’d like to read more about how to begin your healing journey from anxiety causing issues. If you want to know more about hypnotherapy and how it can help remove unhelpful beliefs and unwanted behaviour fill in the contact box below or give me a call on 07899886882. If you are not ready to ask for help don’t you check out my book ‘How to get over the start line.’ It will explain the minds operation and give you an idea of how to begin your healing journey.

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