17/12/2017 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Why isn’t my back pain getting better?

The pain is deep

Chronic back pain

I guess if you are reading this you have back pain? Most suffers of back pain or shoulder pain have been to the doctors, visited chiropractors, physiotherapists etc but still have it. For many the pain has probably even worsened over the years. Some of you have been told by medical experts that you will never be the same again and will have to adjust your life to cope with it. Did you accept that and resign yourself to living with chronic pain?

Back surgery

Some of you will have resorted to drastic and obtrusive surgery only to find your pain worse, temporarily fixed or it popping up somewhere else in the body. So why?

The mystery of back pain

What if the reason the physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments didn’t work was because the diagnosis and treatments were incomplete? Would it interest you to know that if you X-rayed a group of 40 to 50 year olds 50% of them would show signs of degeneration in their backs but most of them don’t have chronic back ache. If you x-rayed a group of people at 60 years old 100% of them would show degeration in their backs but again most of them are not crippled with chronic pain.
Im no doctor or back expert and would never claim to be. I would never tell anyone to go against their doctors advise but how can a simple act of gardening, slipping over, bending down to pick something up, swinging a golf club cause life long chronic pain? You have been doing these things for your whole life without pain, so why now?
If I said your pain could be created psychosomatically you might think I was mad but think about this. We think in our heads and feel in our bodies. When we lose someone our heart breaks, when we are anxious our stomachs churn, when are angry our bile rises, when we feel oppressed our chest tightens.

Another way of tackling back pain

If you have suffered in the past, especially when you were younger you could be unconsciously suppressing feelings that are causing anxiety or physical pain. To the mind pain and anxiety are both ways of expressing suppressed fear, rage, guilt and shame. If it’s pain it’s usually felt in the bodies weaker or damaged areas.

What next?

If any lightbulbs have gone off look through the website and have a look on YouTube  for TMS, NPD and mind/body disorders. If you have any questions please fill in the boxes below.

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