07/11/2017 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

5 things that can make you ill

I’ve mentioned many times before that our perception of the world is crucial to how we feel. These feelings impact on our mental and physical health. Below are the main 5 things that can cause us problems. If you recognise any of them you certainly won’t be alone.

Most people when they are addressing their health concentrate on diet and exercise but forget about the importance of their mental health. Are your beliefs effecting your health?

1. Trying to be perfect

The world is an imperfect place and striving for perfection only leads to disappointment. Of course with hindsight we could always have done things better but to beat ourselves up over our imperfections only leads to frustration. It’s funny how we accept others doing their best but we must do things perfectly? Living with a drive to be perfect causes leads to a frustration than can be expressed mentally or physically.

2. Viewing the word negatively

If we view the world as a scary, unforgiving place filled with people who wish us harm us the fear will eat us up inside. It’s hardly surprising that many people feel this way as we are bombarded with bad news on the TV, Newspapers and internet about world disorder, crime and terrorism. Concentrating on the bad is reflected in how we feel and can damage our health.

3. People pleasing

We all know a people pleaser or maybe recognise it in ourselves. The problem is that drive to please and be recognised puts a huge amount of pressure on a person. Often the are saying yes when inside they are screaming no. This sets up tremendous discourse within a person.

4. Hiding from the past 

We make decisions today using the experiences of the past. Leaving emotions unprocessed, boxing them up and ‘forgetting’ about them doesn’t mean that they are gone. They are still being used to make decisions now without us being aware. If you get overly upset by just talking about past events it can be an indicator of an unresolved issue. Of course losing someone takes time to recover from but if the raw emotion is a strong as if it happened yesterday years later, then it’s a sign that you haven’t been able to fully process that trauma.

5. Holding onto Anger

Holding onto anger can lead to heart disease and chronic illness as well as getting us into fights or making us say stupid things. If you have a quick temper or feel about to explode it can be a sign of repressed anger. Anger literally eats us up inside and taints the good in our lives.
I could have added more things that cause us internal discourse like guilt, shame, anxiety, stress etc but the above are the main things that can trigger mental and physical problems.

If you have any questions about this topic or how hypnotherapy can help you to resolve them please fill in the boxes below.

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