My name is Alex Evans and I am a Registered Hypnotist and professional hypnotherapist in Norwich. I help people resolve emotional issues that cause them anxiety using counselling skills and analytical hypnotherapy.

I am often the last person that people come to see when everything else they have tried has failed, but usually the most successful. I have such positive results because hypnosis allows me to work directly with the subconscious  mind where negative feelings that cause anxiety, fear, anger, guilt and shame reside. When you feel split inside or acting in a way that you know you shouldn’t the problem lies within the subconscious mind, not the rational mind!

Many other therapies can help with anxiety symptoms but unless you deal with the cause of anxiety positive results can be short lived. I am a firm believer in dealing with the cause of mental health problems because once found and re-processed result in long term resolution.

As an analytical hypnotherapist I routinely help people get past stress, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, childhood trauma, OCD, fears, phobia’s, chronic pain, TMS, PTSD, abuse, eating disorders, chronic illness and anger so that they can start to lead the life they deserve. Because of the seriousness of my work I only see 3 clients a day maximum so there is no clock watching in my sessions. You leave when I’m happy for you to go and not before!

If you’re a little nervous why not come in for an exploratory session where I will take a notation, teach you about the minds operation, explain how you’ve got yourself in a pickle and how to get out of one, explain what hypnosis is, then I’ll hypnotise you and teach you self hypnosis. If you want to work with me afterwards you’ll know, but at the very least you’ll leave knowing a heck of a lot more about your mental health and hypnosis. 

I am one of a few recommend hypnotherapists for childhood trauma resolution but I regularly help people overcome a multitude of other mental health issues, some of which can be found below. 

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