27/11/2017 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

10 beliefs that keep you stuck!

What beliefs did you come out of your childhood with and how do they serve you today?

I should imagine most of you haven’t really thought about it too much because you have become used to treating your beliefsas if they were your own. What would you say if I told you that most of your beliefs were imposed upon you from other people?

Where do beliefs come from?

Children learn about life from their parents, close family, friends, teachers at school and from their experiences. They form their beliefs from these experiences and from what the people that they trust tell them.

So how do you know if your beliefs are negatively affecting your life?

If you exhibit the following traits it may indicate that some of your beliefs are not serving you well.
1. Perfectionist. Are you never happy with anything you do?
2. The ‘yes’ person. Do you find yourself saying yes every time people ask you to do something when you really want to say no?
3. The selfless one. Do you put everyone elses needs before your own?
4. Stubborn. Are you inflexible?
5. Obsessive. Are you driven by work leaving no time for anything else.
6. I don’t like myself. Do you have a low opinion of yourself?
7. Inferiority complex. Do you never feel good enough?
8. Inner rage. Do you explode at the slightest thing?
9. Have difficulty sleeping. Do you suffer from insomnia?
10. Feel torn inside. Do you feel an internal battle is taking place?

What can you do?

If any of the above are affecting you it may be a sign that some of your childhood beliefs are preventing you from leading a happy adult life. Because we have very little experience of life when we are children we rely on others more experienced than ourselves to help us with what we believe. That or we come to our own conclusions when we are faced with making sense of certain events on our own.
Hypnosis is a tool that gives a therapist access to those past experiences that cause the problems. Once located these experiences can be understood and processed changing the false beliefs into realistic ones.

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