27/05/2017 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

‘Practice makes perfect’

‘The more we practice the better we get’ is a familiar saying and a true one at that!

Any process that we repeat become easier and eventually automatic. Take driving for example. It’s incredibly challenging to begin with but the more we practice the easier it gets and eventually becomes something we do with very little thought. This is why we can do so many things at once. While you are reading this there are thousands of automatic programs running including breathing, heart beating, hormone release, memory retrieval etc that you are not aware of.
The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ also relates to people suffering from anxiety, PTSD, depression, OCD, fears and phobia’s. They repeat negative thought programs, practice them and they become automatic processes.
Because they are automatic programs, conscious interventions are usually not very effective. This is because there is little traffic running from the conscious to the unconscious mind which explains why counselling, psychotherapy and CBT are so slow or ineffective in many cases.
The therapy that can communicate with the unconscious mind is Hypnotherapy. The unconscious mind can be communicated with through the subconscious mind and negative patterns of programming can be changed. If you have been suffering from mental health issues Hypnotherapy should really be something that you should look into…

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