14/02/2017 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Help for self harm

Do you or someone close to you feel the need to self harm?

Self harming is a sign of inner unhappiness usually stemming from childhood trauma. Feeling unloved, mental or physical abuse, parental separation, bereavement and bullying can lead to self harming activities. We could also place uncontrollable behaviour, addictions and eating disorders under the self harm banner too.
You have to bear in mind that when we experience things in childhood we don’t possesses the coping skills that we do in adulthood. Therefore things that happen then, are seen and experienced through innocent, inexperienced eyes.
Traumatic experiences often bring forward feelings if fear, anger, guilt and shame into adulthood. These experiences shape our personalities and the way we view the world around us. While these feelings are locked up inside of us we cannot truly enjoy life and welcome it’s surprises.
Of course we can not change our past but we can change how we bring our past forward. That is by processing traumatic experiences and adding understanding where there was none. Then our perceptions of life can change and we can start to look for the good.
Sometimes traumatic experiences are known. Sometimes they are hidden and can not be consciously recalled. Sometimes they are deemed as unnoteworthy or just too frightening to think about. The problem is while they are their our decision making will always be tainted by their teachings.
The only accurate way of locating and processing these traumatic experiences is through hypnosis. Because hypnosis has access to the past and works with the emotional mind it is fast and there is no guesswork. The cause of trauma can be found and processed quickly and permanently.
If you have any questions about hypnotherapy help for self harm please fill in the boxes below and I will answer them for you.

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