17/01/2018 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Fibromyalgia, you need a different approach!

Why am I not recovering from fibromyalgia?

Because you are not looking  in the right direction!
Sufferers with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia have reduced blood flow at the sites of their pain. The lack of blood flow means that there is a lack oxygen and the depravation of oxygen causes pain. This condition is called tension myoneural syndrome (TMS). This lack of oxygen is very common in back and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis.
Current treatments for fibromyalgia focus on addressing the symptom and are not very satisfactory. Stimulation using physiotherapy, heat treatments and massage often create relief because they increase the blood flow to the affected areas. The problem is the results are temporary as the blood flow soon returns back to where it was before. Chemical interventions can help with pain relief but the doses have to be increased over time and the side effects for long term use are undesirable.
The oxygen starvation (TMS) is created by the unconscious mind to repress an unknown inner anger that is deemed to harmful to be felt emotionally. This may sound far fetched but the majority of fibromyalgia and chronic pain sufferers have been traumatised in the past or hold beliefs associated with people pleasing. The pain that they experience protects them from feeling their emotions because if these negative emotions ever surfaced the sufferer may become overwhelmed. So the mind diverts away from these feelings by creating the pain. An indication that the mind is responsible for creating the pain is that ‘there is no physical reason for the suffer to be in pain‘ There is simply no damage at the site of the pain! Also have you noticed the pain rises when you are in stressful situations?
If you have suffered from childhood trauma,  physical or mental abuse, are a people pleaser, a perfectionist or workerholic and suffer from fibromyalgia the solution to your recovery is in your unconscious mind not a bottle of pills. These unconscious negative feelings of anger can be addressed using hypnosis so that you can start moving forward.

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