01/10/2017 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Freedom from anxiety

How would you like to be a better version of you, free from anxiety, anger, fear, guilt, shame or whatever negative emotion you are holding on to?

Negative feelings stop you from enjoying your life and reaching your full potential. The majority of these feelings were either generated by bad experiences or placed upon you by adults when you were a child.
If you have unexplainable feelings of low self worth, feel helpless, have an urge to please, a drive for perfection in all that you do , jealous of others or just mad at the world there is something you can do. These beliefs and emotions are held ‘deep’ down in the psyche which is why talking about them hasn’t helped.
There is a way to reach deep down into the psyche and address these beliefs. It’s called hypnosis!
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and ‘everyone’ was born with the ability to be hypnotised. Unfortunately peoples knowledge of hypnosis is usually tarnished by watching stage hypnosis. They worry that they will become mindless zombies powerless to resist the commands of the hypnotist. There is a difference, stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes and Hypnotherapy is for relieving anxiety issues.

If you would like to learn more about hypnosis, Hypnotherapy or about the issues it can help with have a look through the website. If you have any questions please fill in the question boxes below or call me on 07899886882.


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