17/04/2017 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Is ‘hope’ holding you back?


As a hypnotherapist I hear this word used all of the time…

One of the most disempowering words in the human vocabulary is ‘hope’.
Think about it!
How many of you recognise saying the following:
“I hope my anxiety goes away”
“I hope depression doesn’t come back”
“I hope I never have another panic attack”
“One day I hope to be free of these horrible thoughts and feelings”
Hope is a wishy washy word that keeps people stuck! It’s a, “I’ve given up searching for an answer” word.
If you have been resigned to ‘hoping’ something will go away on its own because you haven’t been able to find your answer maybe you’ve just been looking in the wrong place?
Anxiety lives in the feeling, subconscious mind not the logical, conscious mind. Most of the techniques used by todays therapists are aimed at the conscious mind which is why they are largely ineffective with deep set issues. All the advise makes sense consciously but the subconscious, feeling mind is simply not listening.

If this article has stirred something in you, have a look through my website. If you have any questions about this subject or hypnotherapy fill in the contact boxes below and I’ll get back to you or call me, Alex on 07899886882 and make an appointment.

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