31/12/2016 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

Are you battling weight loss?

There is another way to lose weight!

The battle for weight loss is not won in the gym or the supermarket but in the mind. Loosing weight, getting fit and looking fantastic sounds great to the conscious mind but if our internal subconscious representation of ourselves is of a couch potato the battle will be lost.
The subconscious is the emotional part of the mind that protects us and steers us towards safety and comfort using our remembered past experiences. It loves familiarity and hates change. It dislikes change because changing involves moving towards the unknown. I think we all recognise that uncomfortable feeling when we have do do something we have never done before. Remember that first experience of walking into an exercise class?
Our subconscious mind is protected by a filter called the critical faculty that assesses incoming information by comparing it with past experiences. We all have an internal representation of ourselves and what is true gained by past experience.
If any incoming information doesn’t match up with what we know to be true it will be rejected by the critical faculty.
For example I you said “ losing weight is easy” to a someone struggling with weight control the information will be compared by their critical faculty to past experiences. If their past experiences are of discomfort and failure, the suggestion will be rejected.
If you said to a person with low esteem that they are beautiful inside and out, loved and loveable and just as good as anyone else their critical faculty will reject everything you say. Their internal representation of themselves is of a loser who is unworthy of such complements.
Now, the great thing about the mind is that it is malleable and can change with new positive experiences. This is how we learn and grow.
Dancing exercise classes like Zumba are excellent places to meet likeminded people and make exercise fun. Combining regular exercise with support groups like Slimming World can also help with weight control. But what do you if you have tried these things and are still struggling with your weight and motivation?
What if I told you it was possible to change the files in the subconscious mind and replace negative thoughts and feelings with self love and positivity? For some of you your critical faculties will reject the information in this article because it doesn’t match up with the information in your subconscious mind. You are probably destined to continue your struggle with weight control. But if what I have said makes sense contact me. All you’ve got to lose is weight!

If you have any questions about hypnotherapy and weight loss fill in the query box below or call me on 07899886882.

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