26/10/2016 Alex Evans Hypnotherapist

The 'thought/cause' link to illness

Memories are not restricted to the mind. Research now proves that cells have memories (cellular memory) which will have to change the way medical experts look at illness. Traumatic experiences which form negatively charged emotional memories effect the protective caps on our DNA strands making us more susceptible to illness and reducing our life span (epigenetic’s).

Organs can now no longer be thought of as purely functional because they are capable of remembering. There are incidences of the recipients of organs taking on some of the habits of the donors after transplantation.
It has been long known that the mind and the body are connected. Old expressions like “he is a heart breaker”, “ she is a pain in the neck”, “he makes my stomach churn” highlight this. Many of my chronically ill clients indicate that they feel their negative emotions in the areas that are causing them discomfort. Once you remove emotions like anger, fear, guilt and shame the emotional pressure felt in these organs subsides giving physical healing a chance. How many of you suffering from anxiety have digestive problems for example?
So this leads us to a ‘thought/cause’ link to illness. Can holding on to negative emotions make us ill and maintain illness? I believe it can and is responsible for many illnesses like Cancer, heart disease, IBS, high blood pressure and auto immune problems. Is it the only cause of illness? Of course not, environment, genetics and diet can also play a part.
The only area that is generally not addressed during illness is the mind. We chop bits off, swap them, medicate but rarely do we use the power of the subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind is the most powerful computer known to man. It is goal oriented and once a program is installed it will move heaven and earth to achieve it.
Wouldn’t you like to be able to use your subconscious mind to help you to heal? The subconscious mind can be contacted through hypnosis and powerful new programs can be installed.

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